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SABER "Limited Edition MTN Spray Paint Can"

SABER "Limited Edition MTN Spray Paint Can"
SABER "Limited Edition MTN Spray Paint Can"

Beyond The Streets

SABER "Limited Edition MTN Spray Paint Can"



Limited Edition MTN Spray Can, 2022
Montana Colors Spray Paint, Low Pressure Can in Wood and Acrylic Case
Stamped with the SABER's tag
Spray Paint Color: Anonymous Violet
Limited Edition

SABER’s paintings borrow from elements, techniques, and materials he once used as a 21-year-old; rising to international fame in 1996 after painting the world’s largest graffiti piece on the bank of the Los Angeles River. 

Eight years later, the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History commissioned him to paint a miniature version of his piece on its riverbed diorama.  The visibility of this 250-by-55-foot work (documented by satellites in space) and his years of press coverage for other creations shined a glaring public spotlight on the form. The artist’s studio work exemplifies his further exploration of movement and energy. 

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