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Bronx, NY

STITCH 1 grew up in the Bronx and often visited his then-girlfriend ROCKY 184 near her home in Manhattan in the late 60s. Their meeting up and writing one another’s names on the buildings at the corner of 188th Street and Audubon Avenue lead to other writers adding their own names, turning the location into a graffiti-covered hangout. STITCH dubbed the place WRITERS CORNER 188, with he and other writers who frequented it adding “WC 188” near their names, identifying as a crew. STITCH was known for hitting bus lines with his cursive-style tag and calligraphic flourishes, often out writing with SNAKE 1. Straddling the worlds of gang life in the Savage Nomads and being president of WC 188, STITCH eventually left graffiti behind but he and ROCKY will forever be integral to the first generation of New York graffiti writers.