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Los Angeles, CA

Kelly Graval (aka RISK) presents “This Little Piggy Should Have Stayed Home” as insinuated political commentary on law enforcement’s presence in certain neighborhoods. The segmented vehicle hovers in a predatory manner, begging the question: “Friend or Foe?” The second piece in the series takes the form of a shark shaped from repurposed license plates, slightly varied yet sharing the same metallic molecular bonds. Its hovering placement positions the viewer as prey. Both pieces, designed specifically for Beyond the Streets, are a nod to Damien Hirst’s Natural History collection. Before shifting to multimedia sculptures and large-scale, color-washed paintings, RISK launched a pioneering streetwear company, Third Rail, and solidified his place in graffiti lore by commandeering freeway overpasses, traffic signs, freight trains, and billboards with his aerosol art. Born in New Orleans and raised in California, RISK is a fine artist, illustrator, and graffiti artist whose name has been synonymous with the Los Angeles art community for over 35 years.