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Glen E. Friedman

New York, NY

Glen E. Friedman has photographed many of hip-hop, punk rock and skateboarding’s greats, working hard to get himself centered in the subcultural spheres of both coasts. Friedman first met Beastie Boys in New York in their early punk rock days. A few years later they called their friend — and newly resigned Suicidal Tendencies manager — Glen while they were on Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” tour and Friedman happily gave them their first look at Los Angeles, making portraits and photos of the high jinks along the way. These photographs shown are from their first session together in 1985. It was the beginning of a lifelong professional relationship between friends, a connection evidenced in his work shooting the group for their first cover of Spin magazine, his many photos-turned-merchandise, and record covers including the “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” single and the Check Your Head LP. Friedman’s iconic work graced the covers of many of the most important records from hip-hop’s golden era, including the Beasties, Run-D.M.C., Ice-T, Public Enemy, Slick Rick, LL Cool J and more, making him the most prolific Def Jam photographer of the time. He continues to contribute to the cultures he has long captured with an auteur’s eye through his inspirational books and documentary film work.