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Eric Haze

New York, NY

Born and bred in New York City, Eric Haze has contributed to the worlds of graffiti, contemporary art, and graphic design for over four decades. HAZE’s formative years were spent as a founding member of the influential New York City graffiti collective The Soul Artists, with whom he first exhibited work in 1974. HAZE went on to exhibit paintings and drawings alongside close friends such as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat in the early 1980s. HAZE has since made a career out of pushing creative boundaries in a wide variety of mediums. After shifting his focus from galleries to the applied arts in the mid ’80s, HAZE soon emerged as the premier graphic designer of the exploding hip-hop movement, creating iconic logos and album covers for some of the most influential and historic names in the genre. The new millennium has also seen HAZE recommit himself to painting and drawing again, with solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Paris. His current work lends itself to an array of important movements in art history, at times revealing elements of constructivism, geometric abstraction, and conceptualism, balancing unique icons, abstract shapes, and intersecting lines to achieve a language that is universal yet deeply personal at the same time.