DABSMYLA – Beyond The Streets


The husband-and-wife team known as DABSMYLA are visual artists who employ a shared design language that dictates subject matter, positioning, color theory and perspective. “Perfect System of Complementary Thoughts” is a new series dedicated to the idea of creating realistic situations in paintings while simultaneously creating an environment both strange and surreal. The installation was created in collaboration with floral designer Amelia Posada (Birch and Bone), transforming the paintings into an immersive experience. DABSMYLA moved from Australia to Los Angeles in 2009 and combine forces to bring their lively, large-scale murals to iconic buildings in cities around the world. They use a 100% collaborative approach in creating their whimsical paintings and playful installations, citing graffiti, midcentury illustration and the golden age of American animation as major influences.

BEYOND THE STREETS New York, 2019. Photo by Martha Cooper.