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Broken Fingaz

Haifa, Israel

Israel’s BROKEN FINGAZ CREW has left its comic, provocative and cartoon-inspired imagery on walls and rooftops around the world. For 20 years, the anonymous collective consisting mainly of DESO, KIP, TANT and UNGA has put Haifa on the map with their boldly psychedelic graffiti, poster art, murals, animation, fine art and signs. The members of the crew were children during the Gulf War of the 90s, recalling running to shelters with gas-masks on, all while absorbing the newly -broadcasted American popular culture, from The Simpsons to Keith Haring and The Ninja Turtles. This work explores the complex role of the US in Middle Eastern politics, blending imagination with reality in a post-truth, post-Zionist context, encouraging us to consider that often what we perceive to be truth has been filtered by political interest.