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Umar Rashid, aka Frohawk Two Feathers, on Radio Juxtapoz

Umar Rashid, aka Frohawk Two Feathers
We often talk about artists as storytellers, moving from painting to painting like authors of their own universe. If you have met or seen the works of Chicago-born, Los Angeles-based Umar Rashid, formerly known in art circles as Frohawk Two Feathers, it's almost a disservice to call him a storyteller. And trust me, I accidentally have. Yet, he is such a profound thinker of history, creating alternate storylines to what might have appeared as minor changes in the historical lineage for which he works. Through writing, painting, drawing, sculpture, Rashid expands and contracts history into somewhat of an accordion of time and space.

In this conversation on the Radio Juxtapoz podcast... Umar goes everywhere in his insights and personal story.
But he also get to the heart of the matter of history: what happens when we begin to look at humanity as both flawed and romantic? Or beautiful and horribly brutal? What happens when, in the face of strive, we poke fun at power? And what happens that in moments of pure joy we look at the darkness of our past?
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