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Thank you & Time to Color!

The BEYOND THE STREETS on NTWRK virtual Art Fair was a global success with over 250k people tuning in. THANK YOU. You made it work! We were able to deliver fun and educational art content straight to you wherever in the world you were. We learned a lot while doing it – as its nothing we had even imagined before. It opens the doors for us to be able to keep creating content until we are all doing our thing in real life again and then that content can just add to the experience. ARTnews even said awesome stuff about us like: “It might be a format art fairs should look into over the next few years.”

With all that we had going on you might have missed the CHROMO COLORING BOOK + COLORED PENCIL SET we made. It’s 88 pages and 8.5 x11 inches. All proceeds from it will be donated to Free Arts NYC.

The coloring book features coloring pages from: Action Bronson, AIKO, Bert Krak, CB HOYO, CES, Charlie Ahearn, CLAW MONEY, Cody Hudson, CRASH, DABSMYLA, Eric Haze, Felipe Pantone, HUSKMITNAVN, Jane Dickson, Jenaro Goode. Jeremy Pettis, John F Malta, KC Ortiz, Krink, LADY PINK, Patrick Martinez, Maya Hayuk, MIKE GIANT, MISTER CARTOON, Neena Ellora, Nehemia Cisneros, NOC 167, POSE, Richard Colman, Shepard Fairey, SMITH, Steve Boltz, SWOON, Tim Conlon, Victor Reyes, VIZIE, 1UP and 45RPM. 

Published by NTWRK for BEYOND THE STREETS Virtual Art Fair and is now available on our website!


Free Arts NYC empowers youth through art and mentoring programs to develop their creativity, confidence and skills to succeed. They believe art is essential in fostering creative expression for the children of New York City, no matter the circumstances. Art is a powerful tool that can serve as a coping mechanism with the ability to shape and reframe perspectives during challenging times.