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SNOEMAN's "New York Love"


"New York Love is an exhibition of new paintings inspired by my love for New York City.... The work highlights the small details of everyday life that I treasure and find beautiful." So starts SNOEMAN on his newest exhibition, works that are much more about the nuances of the city he lives in and loves than what is a typical postcard tribute to NYC. The City has always had a self-referential quality to it, as its metropolis has continued to redefine and reimagine itself year after year. 


What SNOEMAN has done in New York Love is capture that nuance and flow of the City. On view now at N.53 Gallery in East Hampton, NY through June 28, 2021, the work does not feel like nostalgia but all that is special about a space as the world had to rethink about what it was to live in a place for the last 18 months. These works are about what was left behind and what remains. His workshops and installations at BEYOND THE STREETS in NY in 2019 had this same sentiment; loving the city but letting it grow. 


"During March 2021 I also began applying hand painted posters with messages like “spread love” and “do the right thing” to bodegas and storefronts throughout the city," SNOEMAN said of his practice. "The handmade posters took my longstanding connection to the storefronts to another level and brought everything full circle. My art is fully inspired by these stores that are part of my everyday life. I bring that inspiration back to my studio, and let it out on canvas. Now with these posters, I get to express another aspect of my art with colorful, graffiti inspired, positive messages. I bring those out of the studio, and apply them to the storefronts that inspire me. I hope they inspire anyone who sees them. They are for everyone...." 

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