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Skyscraper Kisses T-Shirt by Kristofferson San Pablo

BEYOND THE STREETS is excited to release a special Valentine's Day t-shirt in collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist, Kristofferson San Pablo. Dubbed 'Skyscraper Kisses,' the t-shirt will be made-to-order for one week only and is now available in our online store

San Pablo shares his inspiration behind the design: 

"Artists tend to make work that reflects the times and right now the DTLA graffiti skyscraper is having its moment. I love when moments in culture become commemorated and one of my favorite ways is on a t-shirt. Concert tees or bootleg shirts sold outside of a Lakers game is not only something cool to wear, but can also be a statement piece and memorabilia to collect. What started off as a tweet using the popular "what if we kissed" internet meme then turned into an illustration. I wanted to collaborate with BEYOND THE STREETS on this release since the moment shares both our interests in graffiti, transgression and humor, which this moment in our city has all those mentioned. For me, making this graphic was a way to commemorate a moment in art and a moment in this city that could at any minute be removed (buffed) or destroyed as is the nature of graffiti."