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Shepard Fairey Peace Fingers Sculpture

BEYOND THE STREETS is pleased to unveil a new collectible sculpture, meticulously crafted in collaboration with the esteemed Shepard Fairey, drawing inspiration from his seminal 2006 graphic, ‘Peace Fingers.’ This exclusive release, produced in a limited edition of 500, comes in a 12-inch form, elegantly presented in a tonal cream color that breathes tangible life into the iconic artist’s vision, offering enthusiasts a refined embodiment of Fairey's enduring artistic legacy.

The messaging is a poignant testament aimed at fostering tranquil resolutions amidst the prevailing societal tribulations of our time. Delving into the profound ethos underpinning ‘Peace Fingers’, Fairey articulates, “Peace is not the absence of disagreement, it’s the ability to find a resolution to disagreement without violence. Peace takes more thought, more kindness, more diplomacy, and more creativity.”

Shepard Fairey’s name and work have become synonymous with street art, thanks to all he has given to the culture.  He first became known for his relentless ‘Andre the Giant Has a Posse’ sticker campaign, which started in 1989.  Widely distributed by the skateboarding community, the stickers—an experiment born of German philosopher Martin Heidegger’s phenomenology movement—appeared throughout the world and evolved into the OBEY campaign of stickers, posters and stencils—now a worldwide brand.  Fairey went on to specialize in socio-political silkscreened posters, creating images for some of the biggest names in music, film and politics

'Peace Fingers' will be exclusively available for pre-order at 9AM PST on Tuesday, November 28 online through our online shop