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Roger Gastman's Archive Sale

BEYOND THE STREETS Founder Roger Gastman offers fans a rare and exciting experience to shop the archives for one day only. On November 11th, collectors will have the chance to purchase clothing, zines, collectibles, original work, and oddities from BEYOND THE STREETS and Gastman’s vast personal collection. This one day only event kicks off the gifting season with a not-to-be-missed chance to look through a highly curated record of pop culture and graffiti. 

Founder and curator Roger Gastman has created a cultural hub for the Los Angeles community with BEYOND THE STREETS. With six to eight exhibitions a year, and unparalleled ties to the foundation of street art and graffiti, Gastman has amassed a collection that would awe even the most dedicated collectors. Now, he opens his personal vault, providing fans the chance to purchase work that spans the past 20+ years. 

Gastman’s career–from his work as the producer of the 2010 Academy Award-nominated film Exit Through the Gift Shop to co-curating the first and largest graffiti exhibition–has positioned him at the forefront of the graffiti and street art movements. With a hands-on part in both the history and the future of the movement, Gastman has had truly impressive access to art and artists, which he now gives back to the community with this one day archive sale. 

Having dedicated his life to graffiti as a recognized contemporary artform, Gastman is an educator and leader. Taking every opportunity to shine light on the art movement, he presents two decades of work from artists like SABER, VHILS, Hello Kitty and Sanrio archive, Shepard Fairey, and POSE. 

Attendees not only have the chance to shop some of the most unique pieces, but also to view the show currently on view at BEYOND THE STREETS & CONTROL Gallery, adding another layer of street art influence to the day. EXHIBITION 009: UNDER PRESSURE is a group exploration of contemporary airbrush. Curated by Mister CARTOON–a master of airbrush in a multitude of applications–and featuring a roster of eclectic artists, the featured work expands on the application of airbrush in refreshing and conceptual ways. 

With the show on view and the highly-anticipated archives for sale, November 11th, 2023 is shaping up to be the day for graffiti fans and collectors. 

434 N La Brea Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90036

11AM - 6PM