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POSE is Back in LA with New Solo Show "IN/SIGHT"

BEYOND THE STREETS is pleased to announce IN/SIGHT, a new exhibition from Chicago-based artist POSE. Inspired by the world that resides within the artist’s creative consciousness, the show draws on scale to delve into the realms of imagination, dreamscapes and subconscious emotions. Filtered through familiar imagery that reminds us of timeless stories or memories from childhood, this new body of paintings, and collection of monoprints, offer a visual narrative that mirrors the interplay of ideas and inspirations within the mind of the artist, allowing viewers to connect with the works on a personal level.  

Portrait by Brent Broza

Striped down to figures, objects, and gestures that operate as societal symbols, IN/SIGHT represents a more contemplative approach from POSE, channeling stark and bold bodies of color in a physically imposing exhibition meant to immerse the audience, with each piece serving as an introspective portal where imagination and emotions converge. This sequence of paintings, that make up a large installation within the show, read like an oversized, deconstructed comic book, encouraging viewers with interaction through visual physicality.

About the show, POSE shares, “ My goal was to create an experience that felt larger than life. I wanted to share with people the way these ideas and inspirations developed in my head and create a show that really captured the moments before the story was complete.


IN/SIGHT marks the first solo exhibition from POSE in Los Angeles since 2017. It will feature all-new paintings and monoprints, including POSE gift shop merchandise. The show opens on September 16, 2023 from 11AM-6PM, and runs through October 21, 2023.


434 N La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 

Gallery and Retail Hours 
Wednesday – Saturday: 11AM - 6PM
Sunday – Tuesday: Closed  


About POSE
Jordan Nickel, aka POSE, is a Chicago-based artist and forerunner of the city’s golden age of graffiti. He is a modern pop artist who creates works that range from large-scale murals to intricate bodies of work. While his work relies on harnessing very simple human emotions like love, loss and triumph, it’s presented in a complex union of vivid colors and layered application that aims for something much more profound than what’s at the literal, surface level. POSE’s diversity as a visual artist is apparent in grandiose outdoor settings through large-scale murals to the intricate bodies of work developed within his studio.