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Announcing Laugh Now, Cry Now

BEYOND THE STREETS is pleased to announce Laugh Now, Cry Now, a group show curated by Ozzie Juarez, founder and artist of Tlaloc Studios. Anchored by a stylistic range of storytelling, the show will feature the works of Los Angeles artists Andrea Aragon, Andrew Durgin-Barnes, Isaac Psalm Escoto, and Julissa Aaron. 

“This show is going to be special. The artists we’re featuring have this unique way of seeing the world through a lens that just came out of a pandemic, realizing things aren’t what we thought they were and just trying to cope with the new norm. It’s a distinguished observation of what’s happening in Los Angeles and the works are a snapshot of what’s going on in our culture, in society, and all the good and bad that’s transpired in between,” shares Ozzie Juarez. 

Laugh Now, Cry Now provides an unfiltered view of humanity through a lens that explores the simultaneous emotions present in the complex passage of life. Observational, intricate, and diverse, the exhibition dives into a mosaic of different worlds created by all four artists, sharing a collective energy swept with raw storytelling in a way that is acrimonious yet compassionate, righteous yet full of questions – spirited, alive and breathing in the moment.  

“There's a seriousness when it comes to the subject matter that I want to produce and the dialogue I want to create, but my work is also very colorful and pleasing to the eye. The title of the show is Laugh Now, Cry Now, so while there is a serious complexity that exists, I also wanted to make sure people see how beautiful life is, and reflect on pleasure, not just pain,” shares Andrea Aragon. 

The opening reception for Laugh Now, Cry Now will take place on February 17, 2023 from 7PM to 9PM, with the show running through March 18, 2023.

BEYOND THE STREETS Flagship | 434 N La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 

Wednesday – Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm | Sunday – Tuesday: Closed