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Introducing BEYOND THE STREETS Shanghai

We're pleased to announce BEYOND THE STREETS SHANGHAI, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PERROTIN AND CMC LIVE — a highly anticipated celebration of graffiti, street art, and beyond. Following blockbuster exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York and London, BEYOND THE STREETS SHANGHAI is curated by Roger Gastman, noted graffiti historian and founder of BEYOND THE STREETS, and showcases a roster of the greatest contemporary artists in the world.

“Showing in Shanghai solidifies how monumentally global the culture has become, as well as creating an educational platform for graffiti and street art to grow in new places while still looking at the history of the culture for a whole new audience,” shares BEYOND THE STREETS Founder, Roger Gastman.

Produced in partnership with Perrotin Shanghai and CMC Live, BEYOND THE STREETS SHANGHAI carries forward the tradition of past global shows with a unique and expansive new experience, featuring new commissions, rare ephemera, photography, site-specific installations, archival pieces and surprises from over a hundred internationally renowned graffiti artists, street artists and mark-makers that will take over 100,000 sq. ft. of space. It will stand alone as the largest graffiti and street art showcase to ever take place in China.

“Our partnership with BEYOND THE STREETS is an exciting one for Perrotin and the artists we have championed in our Asian galleries over the years,” shares Alice Lung, Partner, Perrotin. “We have always been involved in the growth of outsider genres, including street art and graffiti artists who have made transitions in their careers. With Shanghai being a diverse and global city, this exhibition is going to be amazing and one that calls for celebration.”

“As the leading events and culture production company in China, we at CMC Live knew we had to bring the groundbreaking and thought-provoking BEYOND THE STREETS to Shanghai. Many of the artists will be showing in China for the first time and many are showing their most ambitious works and installations to date,” shares Iris Yu, Director of CMC Live.

Exclusive merchandise for BEYOND THE STREETS SHANGHAI will be available within a full-scale gift shop for the duration of the exhibition, including many limited edition collectibles and apparel made specifically for Shanghai that will not be sold anywhere else.

Tickets for the show can be purchased here. BEYOND THE STREETS SHANGHAI is open through October 7, 2023. Tickets are also available at the venue!

888 Chang 'an Road, Jing 'an District Lg2, Shanghai, China 

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Open: Tuesday - Thursday 12 - 8PM and Friday - Sunday 11AM - 8PM

Participating Artists include:

AIKO, Alexis Ross, André Saraiva, Andrew Schoultz, Barry McGee, BAST, Bert Krak, BG 183, Bill Barminski, BIO, LADE, Brian McTernan, C.R. Stecyk III, Carlos MARE, CES, Charlie Ahearn, Chaz Bojórquez, Claudia Gold, Conor Harrington, Craig Costello, CRASH, DABSMYLA, David CHINO Villorente, DAZE, DEFER, DEZIO, DOVES, Dr. REVOLT, EL BARTO, Eric HAZE, ESCIF, Estevan Oriol, FAB FIVE FREDDY, FAILE, Faith XLVII, Felipe Pantone, FUTURA2000, GAS, Greg Lamarche, Greg CRAOLA Simkins, Gustavo Zermeño Jr., Henry Chalfant, Janette Beckman, Jason REVOK, Joe Conzo, John Ahearn, JOINTS, KATSU, KC Ortiz, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Kristofferson San Pablo, Kunle Martins, LADY PINK, Maripol, Mark Bode, Mark Mothersbaugh, Martha Cooper, MAST, Matt McCormick, MIKE 171, Mister CARTOON, NICER, NOC 167, OG SLICK, Otani Workshop, Patrick Martinez, Paul Insect, POSE, Richard Colman, RIME, RISK, ROCKY 184, Ron English, SABER, Sage Vaughn, SJK 171, SMITH, SNAKE 1, STASH, Stephen ESPO Powers, Takashi Murakami, TAKI 183, Tim Conlon, Timothy Curtis, Todd James, VANCE YUAN, VHILS, Victor REYES, Victor Solomon, WANE, WICKED GARY, XEME, Zane Meyer, ZEPHYR, ZESER