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HuskMitNavn's New Solo Show "Under the Same Sky"

BEYOND THE STREETS is pleased to announce Under the Same Sky, a new exhibition from Copenhagen-based artist HuskMitNavn. Inspired by his past visit to the City of Angels, the show celebrates the vibrant energy and dynamic spirit of Los Angeles, showcasing the beauty and complexity of ordinary people in their everyday lives through an outsider’s perspective of Hollywood’s glitz and glamor.  

Portrait by Ian Reid

Capturing the essence of human experiences, the Danish artist translates them through a new series of paintings and works on paper that breathe life into seemingly ordinary moments, revealing the profound stories hidden within them. Under the Same Sky offers a compelling dive into the depth and complexity of human existence, inviting viewers to rediscover the extraordinary within the mundane and explore the interconnectedness that binds us all.  

HuskMitNavn’s trademark style of expanding art onto the frame, while cutting, tearing, and manipulating paper in accordance with the scene in the drawing creates a direct sculptural dialogue within each illustrated moment, bringing both material and medium to the forefront. 


About the show, HuskMitNavn shares, “I try to paint about the moments that we share as humans. The ordinary, everyday situations we all experience as people, no matter who we are or where we are in the world. I like the idea that I can sit here in Copenhagen and paint people in another city since we’re all bound together under the same sky.

Under the Same Sky opens on September 16, 2023 from 11AM-6PM, with the show running through October 21, 2023.


434 N La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 

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Wednesday – Saturday: 11AM - 6PM
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About HuskMitNavn
HuskMitNavn, which means “Remember My Name” in Danish, is an internationally-exhibited artist known for his larger-than-life bubble cartoons marking entire buildings in Copenhagen as well as his illustrations, paintings, and print media. Starting out as a graffiti artist in the ’90s, he has remained anonymous for nearly three decades now, garnering acclaim as a multidisciplinary artist, painting and drawing retro-bubble characters publicly and on social media.