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Gustavo Zermeño Jr. Announces "What Was, What Is, What Could Be" Exhibition

Compton, 2024. Featured Artwork © 2024 Gustavo Zermeño Jr.


BEYOND THE STREETS is pleased to announce What Was, What Is, What Could Be, the first-ever solo exhibition from Los Angeles based-artist Gustavo Zermeño Jr. What Was, What Is, What Could Be offers a profound exploration of the city's myriad landscapes and communities, as envisioned through Zermeño's aspirational and immersive mural-inspired landscapes. It is a narrative journey through the heart of Los Angeles, as told by one of its most passionate storytellers.

Zermeño Jr. transcends his iconic mural work to present a collection of paintings that pay homage to various Los Angeles landmarkslocations he has long aspired to transform through his art. Each work serves as a vibrant snapshot of LA's diverse ecosystems, pacing between a harmonious blend of dreams and reality. His work is a manifestation of his presence within these landscapes, providing a unique lens through which he shares his personal narrative and connection with the city. 

Inglewood, 2024. Featured Artwork © 2024 Gustavo Zermeño Jr.


About the show, Gustavo Zermeño Jr. shares, “Los Angeles has always been my home, but it wasn't until I started painting murals that I truly forged a bond with the city. My art has opened so many doors, each revealing itself as a hidden gem abundant with culture and beauty. Immersing myself for weeks in these neighborhoods has allowed me to intimately connect with and feel the unique energy of the many communities within LA, each a source of inspiration that continually shapes my identity as an artist.”

The exhibition is a testament to Zermeño's innovative approach to art, where the act of mural painting becomes a dynamic conversation with the city and its inhabitants. This dialogue is not only a means of artistic expression but also a method for Zermeño to weave himself into the fabric of Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods. Through his process, he gains a deeper understanding and appreciation of the communities' unique identities and stories, further enriching his art and allowing audiences to see Los Angeles through a distinctly intimate perspective. It invites viewers to traverse the city and spirit of its communities, celebrating LA’s complex beauty, resilience, and the unifying power of art to reflect and shape an understanding of place and identity.

The opening reception for What Was, What Is, What Could Be will take place on Friday, May 3, 2024 from 6PM to 9PM PST, with the show running through June 15, 2024.

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434 N La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 


About Gustavo Zermeño Jr.  
Gustavo Zermeño Jr. mixed his love for community and art by first offering to paint murals on local businesses around his home in Venice, California. Soon his larger-than-life portraits of sports heroes, celebrities and iconic musicians, done in acrylic and aerosol, peered at passersby from walls far beyond his neighborhood. This led to collaborations with the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Rams, UCLA and Nike, among others, while working with nonprofits and underserved populations to uplift and inspire the next generation of artists. Zermeño has been featured in local and national media and created a social media buzz with his hyper-realistic painted cutouts, left in unlikely places—a practice he loved for its surprise factor. His body of work has grown to include sculptures and stylized portraits on canvas and paper. He continues to be inspired by Los Angeles, its sports culture, music, and the landscape itself.