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Felipe Pantone's First Solo Show in LA

CONTROL Gallery is pleased to announce Kosmos, the solo debut at CONTROL Gallery from world-renowned Argentinian-Spanish visual artist Felipe Pantone. 

Adopted from the Greek word for order, Kosmos finds Felipe Pantone in a harmonious place of balance between a world of polar opposites where both extremes can be existential at the same place and time. Jubilance, melancholy, light, dark and color are intertwined within these realities. The exhibition occupies a place in the lap of order, where arrangement is seemingly perfect, yet the imperfections that exist within the system are what set into motion works that celebrate how all forms are related and explore the idea that the moments in between are those in which we live, feel and operate.

"I kept thinking about how all forms are perfectly related to all other forms, in the sense that I can be happy or sad, things can be positive or negative, and yet everything is in perfect balance. That led me to be inspired by Calder, then George Rickey, and other artists that worked around the idea of perfect equilibrium. Kosmos is my exploration of that thought process,” shares Felipe Pantone.  


Kosmos welcomes Pantone to Los Angeles for his first ever solo exhibition in the city and the debut of the artist’s new SUBTRACTIVE VARIABILITY KOSMOS series, featuring a collection of works that produce continuous motion for extended periods of time. This exploration of achieving perfect equilibrium marks a new innovation from Pantone’s studio, which continues to push and expand the boundaries of the kinetic art movement. United at the intersection of technology and fine art, the Kosmos series is accompanied by a new collection of manipulatable works and contemporary paintings that honor the digital age and cement Pantone's status as one of the most transcendent artists of his time.

“Given the history of art in Southern California, it's only natural that Felipe's first solo exhibition in Los Angeles not only puts light and space at the forefront, but genuinely breathes fresh life into movement via his distinctly modern approaches,” shares Gallery Director Aurora Fisher.

The opening reception for Kosmos will take place on February 17, 2023 from 7PM to 9PM, with the show running through March 18, 2023.

Further information can be found HERE