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FAITH XLVII: CHANT @ Everard Read, Cape Town

Of all the great legacies in the career of South African-born FAITH XLVII, whether in street art or installation works, is that she was always a bold outlier as more and more international attention was put upon her and her contemporaries. Perhaps even more so, as South Africa has become increasingly a central point of contemporary art, FAITH has become a unique figure as both a fine artist and activist that speaks about the complicated and deeply-entrenched social struggles that are both universal and personal. 

CHANT, FAITH's exhibition currently on view at Everard Read in Cape Town through May 28, 2021, encapsulates all that her work challenges, asks, confronts and poetically speaks about the world at a constant transition point. In a poem and reflection on the content of the show, FAITH says "We are living in the repetitive rhythmical momentum of history. // Caught within power structures and imbalances that restate themselves through every epoch. //Each generation passes down their collective experience, a form of monophonic rhythm, gathering momentum as we scramble to gather ourselves.

Through painting, sculpture, photography, collage, installation and drawing, CHANT is the amalgamation of her life's work, touching on her work as a street artist and muralist but just as importantly, her work as a contemporary political voice for social and environmental change. In her monograph, EX ANIMO, FAITH put into focus how her practice had evolved over the years, and just as noteworthy, how vast her creativity had grown. CHANT is that vision come to life.