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Estevan Oriol Releases '76 Scrapin' Print


BEYOND THE STREETS is set to release its first exclusive print of the year, captured by renowned photographer Estevan Oriol, and aptly titled '76 Scrapin'. The captivating photograph of a '76 Chevy Caprice Glasshouse, was taken in the iconic second street tunnel in downtown Los Angeles, a location steeped in street culture and artistic resonance. Oriol found himself in the midst of a photoshoot for a lowrider calendar at the time, utilizing the tunnel's gritty backdrop to craft a visually compelling narrative where sparks emanating from the lowrider serve as a symbolic representation of fireworks, adding a touch of celebration for the calendar's July page. 

Estevan Oriol Signing Each Print at BEYOND THE STREETS Gallery 


The timing of this release is particularly poignant, coinciding with the recent lifting of restrictions on lowrider cruising in the state of California. The state's decision to ease these restrictions adds an extra layer of significance to Oriol's '76 Scrapin' as it captures not just a moment frozen in time but also reflects the evolving cultural landscape surrounding lowrider enthusiasts.

'76 Scrapin' officially releases on Tuesday, January 9th at 9AM PST, exclusively online. The 24" x 18", 4-color screen print on Domtar Cougar white paper, comes in an edition of 50, is signed and numbered by Estevan Oriol, and embossed by BEYOND THE STREETS.