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Announcing Mister CARTOON's Just My Imagination


BEYOND THE STREETS & CONTROL Gallery are pleased to announce Mister CARTOON’s Just My Imagination, the Los Angeles solo debut of the acclaimed artist and LA native.  Just My Imagination highlights the largest body of work for a single show ever created by Mister CARTOON, focusing on airbrushing and drawings on a variety of surfaces, from a metal canvas handcrafted out of aluminum to perfection to the use of candy enamel automotive paint in all of the paintings, including meticulous body lines on a one-of-a-kind customized car within the gallery. Having shown in galleries and museums throughout the world, including stops in Tokyo, Paris, and London, this special occasion marks an unprecedented milestone for Mister CARTOON as his first solo opening in Los Angeles. 

The use of clouds, something Mister CARTOON has been drawing since his childhood, will play a prominent role throughout the show, symbolizing the dualities of street culture–the white clouds from the heavens and the dark clouds from below. The classic soul of the ‘60s, the golden age of Chevy Impalas, a time where “tears of a clown” played on the radio and the clown character itself embodied both the good times and the bad. 

“This is a fine art show from a blue-collar artist. I think of it that way because my entire goal was to be a sign painter. When I was a graffiti writer they told me I had to get a job, so I figured I would become a sign painter because a tattoo job wasn't available for me at that age. That's how I started. So if shit hit the fan, I could get a can of paint, a brush, and a candle, and I could go. That was my plan for real.” - Mister CARTOON 

Just My Imagination immerses the viewer into a fantasy world conjured up by Mister CARTOON’s ingenuity as an artist, a culmination of his working-class upbringing and all of the emotions and experiences associated with growing up in Los Angeles through the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s. His love for car culture, graffiti and past eras of music where songs would give you goosebumps is a nostalgic feeling he hopes will be felt throughout the show. 

The evolution of Mister CARTOON’s work will be on display through an experience that will take over both BEYOND THE STREETS Flagship and CONTROL Gallery spaces, celebrating a career that started from airbrushing t-shirts at car shows, to graffiti, sign painting, and becoming a globally exhibited museum artist and tattoo artist to the stars –an artistic medium that will be a focal point in the show with a live tattoo station. 

“This is my opportunity to say what I want to say and hopefully make other people identify or share the experience also. Bringing emotion out of people, whether it's good or bad, is what I think the art does. This is a combination of my love for automotive, tattooing, graffiti, and fashion, all mixed together with the soundtrack of Motown in the background. It's a collage of my dreams,  memories and experiences”, shares Mister CARTOON.

The public opening reception for Just My Imagination will take place on Saturday, June 10, 2023 from 11AM to 6PM, with the show running through July 16, 2023.

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