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Announcing Beastie Boys Exhibit

Photography by Ari Marcopoulos


BEYOND THE STREETS & Goldenvoice are pleased to announce EXHIBIT, the world’s most comprehensive survey of the iconic New York City music trio, Beastie Boys, opening December 10, 2022 at BEYOND THE STREETS and CONTROL Gallery in Los Angeles.

Born from the sonic irreverence of hardcore and punk, blended with the bawdy and rebellious sounds of emergent hip-hop, New York City spawned a different kind of monster when it created Beastie Boys. Featuring heavy metal musicians and skaters in their videos, while blending theater and comedy into their performances, and enlisting the hands of artists Cey Adams and Eric Haze in creating their logos, the alchemy of Adam Horovitz, Adam Yauch and Michael Diamond transformed their music from grooves on wax to a sweeping cultural force—influencing expressions of art, style and activism for generations to come. 

“The story of punk rock, hip-hop, skateboarding and graffiti wouldn’t be complete without a chapter on Beastie Boys and the inedible mark they made on a movement that harmoniously merged the worlds of music and youth culture into a soundscape and experience all of its own. As much "Crazy Eddie" as they are sneaker and sound connoisseurs, one would be hard-pressed to find another entity so perfectly embodying the themes of BEYOND THE STREETS. We’re excited to be able to share Beastie Boys' history to Los Angeles and inspire new generations of music and art fans alike,” shares Roger Gastman. 

From their earliest recordings to releasing seven multi-platinum albums, EXHIBIT offers a storied dive into the group's near forty-year history: the raucous rap debut of Licensed To Ill, the sample masterpiece Paul’s Boutique, the inimitable DIY approach of Check Your Head & Ill Communication, the Grammy-winning Hello Nasty, the all-instrumental stylings of The Mix-Up, the love letter to New York that is To the 5 Boroughs and their last offering, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two–all told through a collection of personal items, artifacts and ephemera—much of which has never been seen by the public—until now.

“Not only are we honored to be a part of Beyond The Streets, we’re happy that someone besides us appreciates all the weird shit we’ve collected, and made music on for the past forty years that will be on display,” shares Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz.

Goldenvoice President & CEO Paul Tollett shares similar sentiments of nostalgia having evolved his business alongside the band dating back to the 1980s. “Much like the Beastie Boys, Goldenvoice was born from punk rock in the early 80’s,” says Tollett. “We formed a quick and formidable relationship. We are so excited to take part in presenting some of their coolest shit.”

Tickets through AXS are complimentary and are available to reserve HERE through January 29th, 2023:  

Exclusive merchandise and printed matter will be available within the gallery gift shop for the duration of EXHIBIT, which runs through January 23, 2023.


434 N La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036

Wednesday – Saturday: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. | Sunday – Tuesday: Closed