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The New York Times - ‘Beyond the Streets’ Embraces the Sprawling World of Graffiti

Aug 23, 2019

An epically scaled exhibition flaunts the art form’s pioneers as well as its provocateurs.

In Brooklyn, A Massive Exhibition Celebrates 50 Years Of Graffiti And Street Art

Aug 6, 2019

BY DAVID ALM Article originally published June 29, 2019 on Forbes CES, at BEYOND THE STREETS in Brooklyn DAN BRADI...

PBS NEWSHOUR - 'Beyond the Streets' exhibit showcases street art

Jul 26, 2019

Graffiti is still often affiliated with blight on city streets. But a new exhibit in New York City called "Beyond the Streets" may help change some of those negative connotations, with work from more than 150 artists from across the globe showcasing their unique styles and interpretations of street art. Hari Sreenivasan has more.

Beyond The Streets featured on CBS Sunday Morning News

Jul 7, 2019

What was once a symbol of New York's 'bad old days' is now being celebrated. Serena Altschul reports on "Beyond the Streets," the largest exhibition of graffiti and street art ever produced.

ABC 7 NY - Brooklyn art exhibit features beauty of graffiti

Jun 22, 2019

An exhibition on display in Williamsburg features the kind of artwork you'd once only find on buildings and trains. Actress Rosie Perez opened Beyond the Streets, an effort that was curated in part by artist, producer and filmmaker Sacha Jenkins. "I grew up in this this movement, it was fascinating, it was daring, it was dangerous and it was pure art," Perez said. The movement started with kids and teens spray-painting their names or tagging. "For the longest time people have shunned 'graffiti,'" Jenkins said. "At a time when the city was bankrupt and kids had nothing to do they were writing their names on trains. To think about where we've come from - coming from writing on the sides of subway cars to exhibitions like this is pretty amazing." There are more than 1,000 works on display by more than 150 artists from around the world. The work is spread out over 100,000 square feet of space.

A Brooklyn Exhibition Flaunts Street Art’s Influence

Jun 21, 2019

Works by Shepard Fairey, Futura, Jenny Holzer, Takashi Murakamiand about 150 others are included in “Beyond the Streets New York,” a graffiti and street art exhibition that is opening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Friday.

From Vandals to Vanguards, This Exhibition Shows the Evolution of Graffiti Artists

Jun 21, 2019

Graffiti art has grown up. This decades-long evolution from vandalism to a respected art form is chronicled in the new behemoth exhibition “Beyond the Streets,” which showcases over 1,000 works by 150 artists across two expansive floors at 25 Kent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s a continuation of “Art in the Streets,” a blockbuster retrospective that was housed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles in 2011. The brainchild of Roger Gastman, an urban anthropologist and graffiti historian, the show comprehensively visualizes the story arc of street artists who were once considered outliers.

How spray paint, ego and activism turned graffiti into an art form

Jun 21, 2019

Martha Cooper remembers the moment she started seeing graffiti as something more than “a random act of vandalism.” It was in the late ’70s, when a young boy showed Cooper — then a New York Post photographer working on a project about kids and creativity — his “tag.”

Exploring The Power Of Street Art With The Legendary Roger Gastman

Aug 30, 2018

I know Roger Gastman from his magazine “While You Were Sleeping.” They did an article about me sometime in the early 2000s. But more than that, we were always sort of in the same orbit. When I was a kid, skateboarding was basically illegal and, on top of that, my friends and I were writing graffiti — throwing up tags wherever we could.

Beyond Banksy: This Massive LA Exhibition Dramatically Expands the Story of Graffiti

May 16, 2018

Article originally published on Walking through “Beyond the Streets,” the sprawling, adventurous show of diverse work by street artists housed in a 40,000-square-foot warehouse north of LA’s Chinatown, the opening scene of the seminal street art documentary Style Wars flickered into my mind. In it, a group of young New York graffiti artists stand in the street anxiously waiting for a subway train to pass on the elevated tracks above them..

Street Art: Love It or Hate It

May 8, 2018

If you saw or heard of graffiti art 50 years ago, it was considered to be a blight of the city streets. But now, decades later, it’s quite a different story. Thanks to such artists as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, street art started to acquire a certain amount of respect.
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